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  • 1. System Maintenance Views: 220424
    No maintenance scheduled at this time.
  • 2. Security Central Views: 22964
    April 10, 2015 Update: Fraud Attempts Please be aware that local credit union members, including WSECU members, have been receiving automatic calls and texts stating that their card has been deactivated, locked or blocked. If you receive such a call or text, don’t respond – it is fraudulent! These are attempts to get your card information and commit fraud. If you do respond, please contact us (or the applicable financial institution) immediately so your card can be blocked. Durin  More...
  • 3. Community Shred and Share 2014: Thanks For Participating! Views: 8225
    Our annual Community Shred and Share is one of our most popular events and we know you look forward to it every year. We’re happy to make this opportunity for you to shred old documents safely at no charge and we’re very appreciative of the donations you bring in support of our community partners. Here’s an overview of visitors and donations for each location: Olympia Three car loads of hygiene products donated 621 cars Everett 396 lbs. of food donated $160 in cash donations  More...
  • 4. What is Smishing? Views: 6004
    Smishing is an attempt to fraudulently obtain consumers' personal information. The smishers pose as financial institutions and send requests via text messaging for personal and account information. Typically the message indicates your financial institution name or might state “your credit union.” The message may or may not include the first four to six numbers of a card issued by your financial institution. These first six numbers are a Business ID and are the same for all card  More...
  • 5. President's Message Views: 4444
    Some things about banking have remained the same for decades. Members want a safe and sound institution that they know will protect their money and that will provide trusted help in reaching financial goals. Thanks to our terrific staff, we’ve been doing that for 58 years. Other expectations have changed. That old cliché of limited “banker’s hours?” – forget it! Busy lives demand a need for access to services 24 hours a day via a whole host of devices large and sma  More...
  • 6. Your Next Vacation is Waiting...Get Away Today! Views: 3230
    If you’re on the hunt for a variety of vacation choices at discounted prices, we have a great member benefit to share with you. For several years, we’ve partnered with Get Away Today to make great vacation options available to you. From Disneyland packages for the entire family to romantic cruises for two, you’ll find some deep discounts and special offers on a variety of destinations. This agency knows its stuff – it was recently named Best of State 2013 for travel age  More...
  • 7. Choose and Change Your PIN – When and Where You Want! Views: 3069
    There’s a brand new way for you to choose or change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) on your WSECU credit, debit or ATM card. And the best news is that you now have access to do this anytime – when it’s convenient for you. New cards: A quick call to the number listed on the sticker on the front of the card (866.861.5416) will activate it and let you select a PIN. Instant Issue cards: ​ Your card is active and ready to use. Replacement cards: If the card number is   More...
  • 8. Fraudulent E-mails and Phishing Views: 2077
    There is a continually growing Internet fraud called “phishing.” Phishing (pronounced fishing ) is a slang term that refers to fishing for personal information such as account numbers, passwords, PINs, debit and credit card numbers or Social Security Numbers online. Phishing is fast becoming one of the most insidious online identity theft scams where fraudulent e-mail messages (SPAM) are sent to unsuspecting victims' e-mail addresses requesting them to supply confidential inform  More...
  • 9. We Now Offer Commercial Real Estate Loans! Views: 2007
    If you’re a business owner or real estate investor who is thinking about buying commercial real estate, let WSECU help you with the financing! We now offer commercial real estate loans for purchasing or refinancing office, retail or industrial buildings, including warehouses. Our loans offer the following features: Permanent mortgage financing Up to 80% of the appraised value Available for purchase or refinance If you are interested in a commercial real estate loan, please contact one   More...
  • 10. Apple Pay is Coming! Views: 1682
    For all of you mobile payment aficionados, we have some good news to share: WSECU is in the queue to participate in Apple Pay. At this time, we’re waiting to hear more about the launch date. We hope to have more information from Apple by the end of the year and once we do, we’ll let you what the timeline is. How Apple Pay Works Once we’re part of Apple Pay, you’ll be able to use your WSECU Visa credit and debit cards to pay for purchases with these eligible Apple devi  More...
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