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  • 1. How do I order a new membership card if mine is lost or out of date? Views: 3764 Public
    You may request new membership cards by calling 1-800-222-1469 or visiting your local AAA office .
  • 2. Tell me about the "Show Your Card and Save" member discounts. Views: 2103 Public
    Show Your Card Save is easy -- just show your AAA membership card and you'll get discounts at hundreds of business all over the country. Click here to see our discounts page sycs savings card save
  • 3. Can I purchase theme park tickets from AAA at a discount? Views: 2009 Public
    AAA members can receive exclusive savings theme park tickets. You can purchase discounted tickets at any AAA Southern Pennsylvania Office to save time and money. Click here for more info. theme park tickets Disneyland Sea World Universal Studios Hollywood Six Flags San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park Blazin Ranch Busch Gardens Grand Canyon Railway Legoland Sea World Orlando
  • 4. Why does the aaa.com/prescriptions page not work for me? Views: 1839 Public
    If you are trying to visit the AAA.com/prescriptions discount savings web pages and it it does not load for you, your computer may have a corrupt cookie. This problem is easily fixed. Simply visit AAA.com/stop and enter your zip code in the designated field. Then try visiting AAA.com/prescriptions again. perscriptions aaa.com/perscriptions www.aaa.com/perscriptions
  • 5. Does AAA offer discounts on moving truck rentals? Views: 1271 Public
    AAA members save on both one-way and local truck rentals and accessories at Penske Truck Rental. Find out how! moving truck penske rental
  • 6. How do I add or remove my email address from AAA's email newsletters list? Views: 1122 Public
    You can add or remove your email address from AAA's email newsletters by clicking this link. By entering your email address in the designated field, checking and unchecking the checkboxes and then hitting the submit button you can add or remove your e-mail address from AAA's email newsletters list. signup add sign up remove newsletter email
  • 7. Does AAA offer discount passes for Theme parks? Views: 923 Public
    Yes. Attraction ticket prices can be found here . Tickets can be purchased at any AAA Southern Pennsylvania branch location . ticket tickets theme parks tour tourism site seeing sightseeing triptik maps map directions
  • 8. Can AAA members save on Prescription medication? Views: 846 Public
    Absolutely. If you are paying too much for prescription medication, AAA can help. AAA members can save at thousands of pharmacy locations nationwide, with the AAA Prescription Savings program. Find out how . prescription drugs drug medication pills prescript
  • 9. How can I search for other car rental agencies besides Hertz? Views: 784 Public
    AAA.com automatically searches for Hertz car rentals first because they are a AAA Preferred Partner and offer AAA members a discount. However, after you submit a search and get back only Hertz, you will see a link at the bottom of the screen asking if you want to SHOW NON-PREFERRED COMPANIES. Click that link to show all rental car agencies. You can also adjust your rental car search preferences by clicking here. search car rental agency agencies Hertz
  • 10. Does AAA offer discounts on luggage? Views: 757 Public
    We carry an array of innovative, high-quality luggage and travel accessory products to meet the needs of leisure and business travelers. Stop by any office today. luggage suitcase Atlantic