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  • 1. I'm having trouble finding something on your web site. Views: 6706
    CalHFA's web site is set up in four primary sections: Homebuyers - this section provides information to homebuyers looking for programs to buy their home. CalHFA Homeowners - this section is for those customers who already have a mortgage loan with CalHFA and wish to access account information and other resources about your existing loan. Lenders/Realtors/Nonprofits - this section is for our business partners. If you are a Lender, Broker, Real Estate Agent, or other partner doing business wi  More...
  • 2. What are your hours of operation? Views: 5894
    Our standard business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We are closed on state holidays and weekends.
  • 3. What is CalHFA MAC? Views: 5041
    CalHFA MAC is CalHFA Mortgage Assistance Corporation, a nonprofit organization that was created specifically to receive and disburse federal funding for the Keep Your Home California program. CalHFA MAC’s Board of Directors and Officers are employees of CalHFA and receive no additional compensation for performing these duties.
  • 4. Why can't I open some of the documents on your site? Views: 4734
    All of the documents on CalHFA's web site use either Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) or are in the PDF format. To read PDF files, you will have to download the free Adobe Reader at the link below.
  • 5. Does CalHFA have a newsletter? Views: 4662
    Yes, CalHFA’s newsletter, Housing Matters, is available here.
  • 6. Do you have a Spanish web site? Views: 4378 Updated
    We use Google Translate on our site--you can find it in the upper right corner.
  • 7. What is your phone number? Views: 3902
    CalHFA’s main Sacramento Headquarters phone number is (toll free) 877.922.5432. If you’re a current CalHFA borrower and would like information about your loan, please call the Loan Servicing Department at 800.669.1079.
  • 8. What is Keep Your Home California? Views: 2039
    Keep Your Home California is a federally-funded program to help California homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages. California has received nearly $2 billion and is working with housing counselors and servicers to provide assistance to eligible homeowners and prevent avoidable foreclosures. Information on Keep Your Home California can be found on their web site at: http:// www.KeepYourHomeCalifornia.org
  • 9. How can I stay current on CalHFA’s programs, news and updates? Views: 1935
    Electronic news and updates are offered through CalHFA’s Enews Announcements . You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • 10. What agency regulates CalHFA? Views: 1907
    The Business, Consumer Services and Housing (BCSH) oversees CalHFA along with the CalHFA board and commissions.
  • 11. What is the California Housing Finance Agency? Views: 1838
    The California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) was established in 1975 as the state’s affordable housing bank. CalHFA makes low interest rate loans to first-time homebuyers and multifamily developers through the sale of tax-exempt bonds and other financing tools. CalHFA is a self-supporting state agency, with bonds being repaid by revenues generated through mortgage loans, not taxpayer dollars.
  • 12. Who are your division directors? Views: 1778
    Executive Director: Tia Boatman Patterson Programs Administrator: Rick Okikawa Director of Legislation: Diane Richardson Director of Financing: Tim Hsu Director of Administration: Jackie Riley Director of Marketing: Ken Giebel General Counsel: Victor James
  • 13. How do I make a public record acts request? Views: 1753
    For public record act requests, call 916.326.8481 or email publicrecords@calhfa.ca.gov .
  • 14. How can I find out about CalHFA’s Board meeting schedule? Views: 1680
    CalHFA Board meetings are open to the public and are held bi-monthly. To see a calendar and monthly agendas, visit the Board Meetings page.
  • 15. Who is your media contact? Views: 1660
    All media calls should be directed to Ken Giebel, Director of Marketing, at 916.326.8600.
CalHFA does not lend money directly to consumers. CalHFA works through and uses approved private lenders to qualify consumers and to make all mortgage loans. CalHFA purchases closed loans that meet CalHFA's requirements. The fees consumers pay could be different depending on the lender and the program.