All financial institutions, including Progressions, must comply with the federal regulation known as Regulation D. This regulation requires us to limit the number of "remote" transactions that you can make online, by telephone, or by check. However, there is no limit to the number of transactions you may make in person at our branches or at ATMs, or by using one of the other methods described below.

Importantly, these rules apply on the federal limitation of "remote" transactions:

  • You can make no more than six "remote" transactions per month.
  • Transfers or payments performed by any of the following methods are considered "remote":
    • Progressions online banking-SmartLink
    • SmartLine (Account access via automated telephone)
    • ACH transfer
    • request by telephone
    • request by fax
    • overdraft transfer to checking
    • wire transfer
    • debit card

Attempts to exceed these limitations with electronic systems like SmartLink, SmartLine, or debit card may produce error messages, and those transactions will not be processed.

What transactions don’t count as "remote"? You can perform as many of the following transactions as you like from your savings or money market account, without facing the limitations described above:

  • Transfers and withdrawals made at ATMs 
  • Transfers and withdrawals made in person at branches
  • Transfers and withdrawals made in writing through the mail
  • Transfers to Progressions to make your loan or Visa payments
  • Checks issued by phone and made payable to you
  • Any deposits into your Progressions savings or money market account.

Tip: If you must perform a large number of transactions against a sum in your savings or money market account, your best bet is to make a single large transfer from that account to your Progressions checking account (which has no  "remote" limitations), and then use those funds that you've added to your checking account to transact your business as needed.