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  • 1. What are my options for contacting Progressions? Views: 146 Featured Content
    Below are the various ways that you can contact Progressions: Ask us a question online! Visit us in person at a branch near you! Call us: 509-535-0191 or 1-800-828-8691 Mailing Address contact us email
  • 2. Are my deposits safe at Progressions Credit Union? Views: 164 Featured Content
    Progressions Credit Union is Safe and Strong The recent failure of California-based IndyMac, the largest regulated thrift to fail in the last 20 years, has prompted some of our members to ask the question: Are my deposits safe? The answer is yes, all insured shares at the credit union are safe and secure. You see, while credit unions and banks are both full-service financial institutions, credit unions differ from banks in that credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives who are in  More...
  • 3. Why am I limited in the number of transactions I can perform with my Progressions savings and money market accounts? Views: 160
    All financial institutions, including Progressions, must comply with the federal regulation known as Regulation D. This regulation requires us to limit the number of remote transactions that you can make online, by telephone, or by check. However, there is no limit to the number of transactions you may make in person at our branches or at ATMs, or by using one of the other methods described below. Importantly, these rules apply on the federal limitation of remote transactions: You can make   More...
  • 4. Where can I find more information about the federal insurance coverage on my accounts at Progressions Credit Union? Views: 153
    NCUA Initiates Share Insurance Call Center, Tool Kit Experts are available to answer questions about share insurance Alexandria, Va., September 23, 2008 - The National Credit Union Administration today opens a call center and posts an electronic tool kit to help members and credit unions better understand the insurance protection NCUA provides for member accounts. With the well-publicized turmoil in the financial markets, consumers need assurance that the federally insured funds in their   More...
  • 5. Credit Unions Look Good in Midst of Mortgage Mess. Views: 140
    Click here for details. economy safety soundness mortgage
  • 6. What are your current loan rates? Views: 602 Featured Content
    Rates effective 05/20/2016 and subject to change. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. OAC=On Approved Credit. Rates displayed are the lowest available to qualified borrowers. Your rate may be higher and will be determined by the loan type, applicable fees, model year, the terms you request, the amount you finance, and your credit history. For additional information regarding rates and terms on Progressions Credit Union loans, please call 509.535.0191 or 800.828.8691. Autos and Trucks Terms APR As Low As  More...
  • 7. What are your current deposit rates? Views: 446 Featured Content
    Effective 05/01/2016 and subject to change. For additional information regarding rates and terms on Progressions Credit Union deposit accounts, please call 509.535.0191 or 800.828.8691. Basic Savings and Sub Savings Minimum balance to open and earn stated APY APY Compounding/ Crediting Dividend Period/Balance Method $50.00 ($0.00 for sub savings) 0.10% Quarterly/Quarterly Quarterly/Actual Daily Balance $2,000.00 0.10% $5,000.00 0.10% $10,000.00 0.10% $25,000.00 0.10% $50,000.00 0.10% $100,000.00  More...
  • 8. Can the credit union help protect me from Identity Theft? Views: 188 Featured Content
    Yes. We offer IDSafeChoice Plus to help protect you from ID Theft BEFORE it happens. IDSafeChoice Plus offers you the only early warning system available today to help stop identity theft - credit monitoring. In addition, IDSafeChoice Plus helps you overcome the effects if you are victimized with fully managed recovery and expense reimbursement. With IDSafeChoice Plus' fully managed recovery you can rest assured that your good name will be restored by a professional Recovery Advocate,  More...
  • 9. Where can I find an ATM? Views: 147 Featured Content
    PCU has two 24 hr drive up deposit taking ATMs; at our main office (2919 E Mission), the Credit Union Service Center (1212 W Francis). We also have a non deposit taking walkup ATM in the lunchroom of the USPS Plant (2928 Spotted Rd). Members may also locate additional non PCU owned surcharge free ATMs in the Spokane area, the US Canada as well as world wide using the link below or by calling 1.888.SITE.COOP or by t exting your location – address, intersection or zip code – to 6926  More...
  • 10. Does your site provide security to prevent my account information from being intercepted online? Views: 967
    Yes. Progressions provides secure financial services through a protocol known as the Secure Sockets Layer. The Secure Sockets Layer prevents other computers along the route from eavesdropping by encrypting all data transmitted between our site and your computer. Intermediate computers would see each packet of information as a meaningless jumble of bytes. The sending end encrypts, or encodes, the data with one key before it is transmitted. The receiving end decrypts, or decodes, the data with ano  More...
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