The following fees are effective 04/25/2019 and subject to change.
Membership Fee (age 18 and over) $20.00
Stop Payment Fee (in person) $30.00
Stop Payment Fee (via SmartLink) $15.00
Stop Payment Fee (SmartLine or SmartLink) $10.00
Copy of Check (1st 2/month free) $5.00/copy
Copy of Check via SmartLink Free
Account Research and Checkbook Balancing $15.00/hour
Statement Copy $2.00/statement
Checks/ACH Items Returned for Non-Sufficient Funds $30.00/presentment
Checks/ACH Items Paid with Non-Sufficient Funds $30.00/check
Overdraft Transfer Fee $2.00/transfer
Deposited Item Returned (any reason) $30.00/item
Account History $1.00
Check Cashing Fee NONE
Excess Teller Withdrawal Fee NONE
Telephone Transfer Fee NONE
Telephone Transfer Fee via SmartLine Free
Temporary Replacement Check $0.25/check 4 check minimum
ATM Withdrawal Fee NONE
SmartPay (online bill payment) Free
Teller Check (1 free per day) $3.00
Money Order $3.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire $25.00
Outgoing International Wire $40.00
Bad Address Fee $5.00/month
Basic Savings Account Fee $5.00
Basic Checking Account Fee NONE
Garnishment/Levy Fee $35.00
Debit or Credit Card Replacement Fee $10.00/card
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee $10.00
IRA Closure Fee $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental $20.00-$65.00/year
Safe Deposit Box Re-key Box Fee $10.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee At cost
Coin Counter Fee - CU Service Center 1% of amount
Coin Counter Fee - Main Branch Free for Progressions CU members
5% of amount for non-members