AAADrive is free to ACG Members and/or ACG insurance customers enrolled in the AAADrive Insurance Discount Program (where available). Participants can choose to use cellular data or Wi-Fi to transmit data from AAADrive. Applicable data charges are the responsibility of the smartphone owner. Data plans vary by network so check with your provider to ensure your wireless phone plan meets all of your data needs.
For an average commute, the data that is used is approximately the same size of an average digital photo. AAADrive sends data at the end of each journey as long as your phone has a data connection. If there isn’t a data connection available at the end of a journey, AAADrive will send the data as soon as a data connection has been re-established.
If you are comfortable with the delay and waiting for Wi-Fi signal to upload a journey, please consider enabling the Wi-Fi only function located in the AAADrive’s sub menu under Preferences. Enabling this option will ensure data from your journeys are only sent once a Wi-Fi connection is established.