AAA records memberships on a monthly basis. For example, if a member joins on January 3rd, the membership will not expire until February 1st of the following year. There is a 7 day waiting period for Plus, RV & Premier enhanced services. Basic level service will be provided during this period.

When a membership is renewed within 59 days of the membership expiration, the original membership join date and expiration date are unchanged and the member's years of membership tenure continue to accrue. AAA Mid-Atlantic continues to provide all services to members for the first 29 days after membership expiration, and all services except Roadside Assistance for the next 30 days (Roadside Assistance available at member rates during this latter, 30-day period). Note also, that annual membership dues will be due one year from the original expiration date, which will be less than twelve months from the late payment date.

When a membership is renewed 60 days or more following the expiration date, those members will receive a new join date, a new annual expiration date and any accrued membership tenure will be lost. Full membership terms and conditions can be found at