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How do I get a replacement membership card?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Membership Card Replacement Name: Allison B

How do I cancel or downgrade my membership?
Rating: 1.00 out of 10 | Topic: Upgrade/Downgrade Name: Allison B

If I join AAA today and I have car trouble, can I immediately call for Roadside Assistance or is there a waiting period?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Roadside Assistance Name: Allison B

Can I add my AAA membership card to Apple Wallet?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Mobile App Technical Support Name: Allison B

I have permanently moved, how do I transfer my membership from another state?
Rating: 10.00 out of 10 | Topic: Membership Transfer Name: Allison B

How do I update my credit card information for my Automatic Membership Renewal payment?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Auto Renewal Name: Allison B

How many cars are covered by the AAA membership?
Rating: 6.40 out of 10 | Topic: Membership Questions Name: Allison B

Does AAA Travel charge fees?
Rating: 8.00 out of 10 | Topic: Travel Name: Allison B

How do I change my address?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Member Services Name: Allison B

How can I apply for or renew an International Driver’s Permit (IDP)?
Rating: Unrated | Topic: Travel Documents Name: Allison B

1 - 10 of 295 items