When trying to log in on the AAA Mobile App, please try the following steps:

After confirming your zip code, you will be routed to a screen that welcomes you to AAA.com. On this screen, there are two buttons – “PLEASE LOGIN” and “REGISTER.”
If you already have an active AAA.com account (on the website), select “PLEASE LOGIN.” On the next screen, you may enter your AAA.com username and password (email address and password), which will grant you access to your AAA Mobile account and other features, including the ability to request roadside assistance.
If you have never set up an AAA.com account, please select “REGISTER.” The following screens will ask you to provide information including your membership number, zip code, and email address; be sure this information matches what we currently have listed on file so an AAA.com account may be created on your behalf. Once the AAA.com account is setup, it will work for both the AAA Mobile app and AAA.com. For new members please note your membership will reflect an active status within the mobile app 24 hours after joining.

Should you receive a message that says your email address is already in use, this indicates you already have an AAA.com account created. Please select the back button until you are able to select the “PLEASE LOGIN” button, and use your email address and password for AAA.com to login. Should you not remember your password, please use the prompts to reset your account password.