If your policy number consists of only numbers (Example: 0 1234567 01), in My Account, selecting the Pay Bill link for your registered auto or home policy will display your current billing information. 
If your policy includes both numbers and letters (Example: AUT01234567 or HOM01234567), yes. Once you have signed in and registered your policy to your online account, click the Billing and Payment option under “Registered Policies” to pay your bill, view your transaction history, review your payment plan and/or your payment schedule and manage your payment methods.

If you receive a bill in the mail, the billing information displayed for your registered auto or home insurance policy will show when payments are due and what amount is owed. 
If you are on an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) billing plan, you will only see your total amount owed.  You will also see a message letting you know when your policy has been paid in full.