Our system verifies your membership status by looking for an exact match on last name, zip code, and membership number against your membership record.  There are some common causes for not finding a match:   
  • If you have moved recently, try using your previous zip code.
  • If you have married recently, try using your maiden name.
  • Please verify the membership number you are entering is the same on your membership card (as shown in the highlighted section below)
Create New Login Failed - Invalid Membership Number
There are two common causes for "invalid membership number":   
  • The member number was not entered correctly. Proper entry consists of the member number as highlighted in the image above.
  • The member number being entered is from another AAA club (i.e. the "club code" is not "049").
    • If you are permanently living within our service area (Minnesota-Iowa), you can transfer your membership to our club. You will need to contact our Member Services at 800.222.1333 to transfer your membership to our club.
    • If you are permanently living outside of our service area, please click on this link (http://www.aaa.com/stop). This link will take you to the aaa.com zip code entry page where you can enter your home zip code and be routed to the AAA Club that services the area in which you reside.
If you continue to have issues registering or changing your login, please contact our Technical Support staff at 877.736.7813.