AAADrive will consume battery similar to other navigational and fitness apps as GPS must be set to always ON to accurately record your journeys. When AAADrive is not recording a journey, the impact on your battery should be minimal. However, to help conserve your battery, AAADrive has several features available under Preferences:
  • Wi-Fi only setting will conserve your battery and save data charges by preventing data from being sent over the cellular network until a strong Wi-Fi signal is present.  
  • Battery Conservation will temporarily pause AAADrive once your battery level reaches the default of 20%. You can modify the default to 25% or 30% by selecting your preferred option in Preferences - Battery Conservation. AAADrive will automatically resume recording journeys once your smartphone’s battery exceeds 50%.  
  • Pause AAADrive feature will temporarily pause journey recording by selecting one of the timeframe options displayed. AAADrive functionality will automatically resume when the time period ends or you can press the Resume Recording button on the dashboard to restart journey recording.