AAA will travel any distance to get to a stranded member. Your vehicle will be towed to either the service provider’s repair shop or up to the following number of miles without charge in any direction from the place of disablement to a destination of your choice. Of course, any repairs or additional towing for the same breakdown will be at your own expense.
The following provides the towing miles for each available membership level:
AAA Classic: We’ll tow you anywhere within 10 miles of where you broke down.
AAA Plus: We’ll tow you without charge up to 100 miles in any direction from where you broke down.
AAA Premier: You’re entitled to one tow (per membership term) of up to 200 miles in any direction from where your vehicle broke down. Any remaining qualified tows may be used for up to 100 miles.
If you need towing beyond the limit of your membership level, you will be charged for the extra miles at the service provider’s prevailing private rate.