AAA is committed to assisting our Members with some of life's every day activities and is happy to provide our current Members with limited DMV services in most of our AAA offices. For more information, visit

AAA district offices in California that do have DMV services provide the following:
  • Registration renewals/transfers
  • replacement registration cards
  • license plates & stickers (standard, non personalized plates)
  • Duplicate title or title corrections
  • planned non-operations
  • out of state transfers
  • apply for and pick up disabled placards
  • Reinstate suspended registration resulting from lapsed insurance
  • International Driver's permit
To receive these services, all of the following are required: Registered owner must be a AAA Member (please present your current active Membership card), A valid California drivers license or DMV ID card, and your DMV paperwork. Please visit the nearest AAA office for DMV services.  You may pay with credit/debit card, cash, or check.

For vehicle-specific transactions, your name must be on the vehicle title or registration and all parties involved must be AAA members.

Please be aware that certain restrictions may apply and DMV services offered vary depending on location.  Please Contact your local AAA branch office for details on available services.