If you wish to change to a different plan, you may do this during your renewal period by clicking on Renew/Pay My Bill from My Account. On the Membership Renewal screen, you can click on the plan name that you want: Classic, Plus, Premier, whether it's an upgrade* or downgrade.  You will see the price you will be paying for the upgrade or downgrade.  *Note: If you are upgrading your membership, the roadside assistance benefits become effective 3 days after a qualifying payment is processed.
To downgrade or upgrade your membership when not in your renewal period, please contact AAA Member Services at 800.236.1300

Whether you upgrade or downgrade your membership plan, you will receive new cards in the mail, within 7-10 business days, showing the new membership plan.

You can review the 3 different membership plans by clicking on Compare from the drop down menu under Membership.
NOTE: if your membership is set up for Automatic Renewal, you will NOT be able to make any changes to your membership online during the renewal period.  You will need to call AAA Member Services at 800.236.1300.