You can upgrade* a Classic membership to Plus and Premier and a Plus membership to Premier by selecting My Account from the drop down menu under Membership.  You will be asked to log in to access this feature.  Once on the My Account page, please click on Upgrade My Membership Plan under I’d Like To:*Note: If you are upgrading your membership, the roadside assistance benefits become effective 3 days after a qualifying payment is processed.
You can review all three plans (Classic, Plus, Premier) side by side to see which would be better for you by clicking on Compare from the drop down menu under Membership.
At the time you upgrade to Plus or Premier, you can then add the optional coverage of Recreational Vehicle (RV), which includes limited motorcycle coverage. Click on RV & Campers from the drop down menu under Membership for further details.
To go directly to Upgrade Plus or Premier, click here or call our Membership Customer Service at 800.236.1300.