If you need roadside assistance, no matter your location, call the number supplied on your AAA Membership Card, visit AAA.com/RoadsideAssistance to request service online or request roadside assistance through the AAA Mobile app.
When the service provider arrives, they will request to see your AAA Card. If you don’t have your card with you, call us anyway and we will verify that you are a member.  NOTE:  If you have the AAA Mobile App, you will be able to show your electronic membership cards by going into the app and click on the
"View cards" under your membership number
.  You will be asked to log in to the AAA Mobile App, if you haven’t already done so at one time.
Keep in mind that your AAA Membership covers you, not the vehicle. Roadside assistance will be provided on any eligible vehicle that you are driving or riding in at the time of disablement when you present your personal valid membership card. For example, if you are stranded with a friend in their vehicle and you call for service, we would help as long as you are present at the time of service. 

If you have the added benefit of PlusRV or PremierRV and the recreational vehicle you are riding in becomes disabled, you would be covered even though the RV is not yours, as long as you are present at the time of service.

How far your vehicle can be towed will depend on which AAA Membership plan you have:
AAA Classic - Up to four (4) 5-mile tows
AAA Plus - Up to four (4) 100-mile tows
AAA Premier - One (1) 200-mile tow; up to three (3) 100-mile tows
You can review the differences of the three different AAA plans by clicking here.
For a complete explanation of benefits, consult the membership handbook.