Use our bill pay to automate your finances to save you time and money.  We encourage you to try it out and we'll even help you get set up.  Click on 'bill pay' the next time you're in online banking to see how easy and convenient it could be.

Bill Pay FAQs:

Q. Do I need any special software or hardware to use Bill Pay?  A. To use Bill Pay you will need to have a browser installed on your PC, which is capable of 128-bit 
security encryption.  Since Bill Pay opens  in a separate window from Home Banking, you will also need to make sure to have your browser’s pop-up blocker set to allow pop-up windows from our Home Banking site.

Q. Will I have a separate password for Bill Pay?   A. No. Once you have logged in to Home Banking, you will be able to access your Bill Pay account. Please note that we recently enhanced our Home Banking sign-on security, too.

Q. What should I do if  my address changes?   A. If you move or change your address, please notify us promptly; in person or in writing.

Q. Who can I pay using Bill Pay?  A. You can pay virtually anyone in the United States or its Territories that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit; even if you do not receive bills from the person you want to pay. (Note: if you use Bill Pay to make state and federal tax payments and/or court-ordered payments; we strongly discourage this and these types of payments will be scheduled at your own risk.)

Q. Do I need to contact each of my billers and let them know I am going to be using this program to pay them? A. No, it is not necessary to do so.