I am signed up for Alerts but haven't been receiving them. Why?

Email Alert Issue

Your RCU Online email alerts may be going to your SPAM filter. Make sure you've accepted Redwood Credit Union as a safe sender and check your SPAM filter to be sure past Alerts haven't been sent there. The email address you will receive Alerts from is alerts@redwoodcu.org.

Text Alert Issue

Check that your text alert has been properly set up in RCU Online banking go to "Alerts" and click on edit. The next screen will show all the alerts you have, click on the "edit" icon to check your information.

alerts menu > edit

On the next screen, check that your mobile and email information are correct.

Send Alert To. Choose Email or Text.

If you need to make updates, follow the link "update your Profile" under "Send Alert To"

profile link

For more information about setting up Alerts go to: