To add a new user

Required Role: User Editor
  • Click "Users" from the left navigation menu
  • Click the "Add User" action button and a User Profile window will appear to enter the user profile information
  • There are two different ways to add a user - Full Add and Quick Add (if applicable)
  • The administrator enters a system unique user name, first name, last name, email address, temporary password and confirms the temporary password
    • User Name and Email Address cannot be edited after user creation
      • External Identifier is optional and is normally used as a unique identifier for SSO access or account linkage to another application
      • The user that is created will have to be manually supplied with the temporary password.  There is no way to view the password once created
  • If the user is being assigned any administrative roles select them from the Application Roles drop-down list

  • The user defaults to the Everyone group. 
    • To assign the user to a different group, if feature is enabled for your organization and additional account groups have been created, click the Group Association drop-down list and choose the appropriate group for the user
  • Once all the fields are complete click "Create" to complete the user setup.  The new user will then appear in the Users table