To upload a file
  • Click "Files" from the left navigation menu
  • Navigate to the upload destination - the root folder (the initial page after clicking on Files) or a folder/sub-folder in your Files directory
  • Click on the Upload action icon
  • A file upload area will appear and you can either:
    • Click in the file upload area to select a file(s)
      • Locate the file(s) you want to place in your digital vault
      • Click on an individual file to select it or to select multiple files hold the CTRL key and click on files
      • Once the file(s) have been selected click Open to upload the file(s) into your digital vault
    • Drag a file into the file upload area
      • Locate the file you want to place in your digital vault without clicking on the icon in the upload area. 
        • Note: If you click the icon in the upload area first to bring up a window and then try to select and drag a file it will not work. 
      • Once you have located the file click on the file and hold the left mouse button down to drag it
      • Drag the file into the upload area and release the left mouse button when you see drop files here and the area is highlighted

File size cannot exceed 500 MB