ShareLinks are used to share access to a file or folder in your digital vault with an external third-party to upload or download information.

For example, sharing access to your Tax Records folder with your CPA so they can upload this year's tax returns or texting your attorney a ShareLink to your Will.

ShareLinks to folders can be either download only, upload only or collaboration which allows both upload and download capabilities.

  • Locate the file or folder you want to share
  • Click on the ellipses menu to the right of the item
  • Click Share
  • A Create External Share dialogue box will appear you you to select options and create the share link
    • Share Name:
      • The default name will show as - Share for file: (file/folder name automatically inserted here)
      • If you wish to change the name simply enter the desired name of your share link in the text box
    • Share Link Options:
      • One-Time 
        • After the share link has been accessed and a download of the file has taken place the link will become invalid unless the expiration date is reached first (if one is set)
      • Multiple 
        • The share link may be accessed multiple times and the file can be downloaded multiple times until the expiration date is reached (if one is set)
    • Expiration Date (Optional/Required based on organization settings) 
      • This feature allows you to set the number of days the share link will be available for the recipient(s) to retrieve and download the shared file.  After the date selected the share link will no longer be valid and the file will no longer be available for download
    • Pin Code (Optional/Required based on organization settings)
      •  This feature allows you to place a Pin Code on the share link that the recipient(s) will need to know in order to gain access
  • Once the information and additional options have been completed click the Create button and an active share link will be created.
  • After creating the share link you can send it to the desired recipient(s) by either:
    • Clicking on the envelope icon to add it directly to an email body in your preferred email client
    • Copying the URL from the text box.  You can then paste the link into your preferred medium 
  • Once the share link creation has been completed click Close
  • A share link indicator icon will appear to the right of the file.  Clicking on this icon will bring up the share dialogue box.
  • The share will also be listed in the Shares tab on the Share Management page