An Exchange is an internal share of a document or folder of documents in your digital vault to another digital vault. Usually an internal Exchange is with the financial institution that is providing your digital vault.

NOTE: not all digital vaults have the internal exchange feature turned on.

To create an internal exchange
  • Locate the file or folder you want to exchange with the provider's digital vault
  • Click on the ellipsis menu to the right of the item
  • Click "Exchange" in the menu
  • A dialogue box to Create Exchange will appear to help you create the exchange
    • Enter a brief description in the description text box - This step is optional but will default to show Exchange For: (Item Name)
    • Select the outgoing exchange recipients:
      • Select the organization in the Select Organizations tab by clicking the checkbox to the left of the name
      • Select a group(s) in the Select Groups tab by clicking the checkboxes next to the desired recipient groups (This tab is based on your service provider settings)
  • After all the recipients have been selected click Create
To view the items that you have exchanged to the service provider
  • Click Share Management from the left navigation menu
  • Click the Exchanges tab

Based on their file restriction settings, the service provider may prevent some outgoing exchanges from being received on their end