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  • 1. How do I manage my membership online? Views: 394
    In order to gain access to our members-only sections of the web site, add your AAA Minneapolis membership number to your online account information. Sign in to aaa.com Click on My Account in the upper-right corner to log in Click on add your membership number To review your membership, make changes, renew or make a payment visit Manage My Membership
  • 2. What is included in my five miles of free towing? Views: 327
    AAA will travel any distance to get to a stranded member. Once there, AAA's Basic membership provides free towing back to the contractor's facility, or 5 miles of free towing in any direction from the disablement. That's sufficient to get you to a repair facility in over 90% of cases. If you wish to be towed to your favorite mechanic - and the shop is located more than 5 miles from the breakdown - mileage charges may apply. Learn more about Emergency Roadside Services . AAA's PLU  More...
  • 3. What is the difference between Basic, Plus and Premier memberships? Views: 325
    The biggest difference is in the towing Emergency Road Service benefit. For more detailed information please see the member handbook or compare membership plans side-by-side. BASIC membership provides 4 service calls per membership year. Free towing from the scene of your disablement of up to 5 miles of free towing in any direction. If you wish to be towed to your favorite mechanic - and he is located more than 5 miles from the breakdown - mileage charges may apply. PLUS membership provides 4   More...
  • 4. What is the meaning of life? Views: 309
    We're not exactly sure, but we do know that a AAA membership can make your life a lot better. Learn more about AAA Membership and Compare Membership Plans .
  • 5. How can I cancel my AAA membership? Views: 229
    Call AAA Membership Service Center at 952-927-2567 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.
  • 6. Can I join AAA today and immediately request emergency roadside assistance, or is there a waiting period? Views: 83
    If you join AAA today, there is no waiting period before you can receive road service. Basic-level services will be offered in the first 7 days. When upgrading from Basic to Plus, there is a 7-day waiting period before additional coverages will be available.
  • 7. How do I make an online payment for membership, insurance, or credit card? Views: 73
    For AAA Membership You may renew your membership online For Insurance Securely view and pay bills, renew your policy or check on claims on the Manage My Insurance page. For Credit Cards After you receive your credit card and activate your account, visit the online banking center and follow the simple instructions to set up your account. bill pay
  • 8. Do Primary members and Associate members receive the same benefits? Views: 73
    Yes, Associates receive the same benefits as the primary. Primary Membership - The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Only Primary members can make changes to a membership. Associate Membership - Associate Members are a spouse/partner, dependent child up to age 25 who reside in the same household or away at school.
  • 9. Does AAA provide notary services? Views: 71
    Most of our AAA office locations have Notaries on staff to assist you in witnessing signatures on documents. Please contact a local office to confirm availability.
  • 10. How much does it cost to be a AAA member? Views: 65