You can order a TripTik by selecting Triptiks & Maps from the drop down menu under Travel. Once on the Road Trip Planning page, click on Order TripTik Routings under Order for Home Delivery. You will be asked to login to access this feature.
You will then fill in the requested information on the following sections:

  • Start and ending locations and trip date
    • If there are places in between you wish to stop at, enter the towns you plan to visit as stopovers by clicking on the blue + button on the screen after your start/end locations have been entered.
    • Always enter your actual trip date to ensure you receive an accurate route.
  • Up to 7 optional in between stops
  • Road preferences
  • Add any maps needed
  • Mailing information

Please allow 8-10 days for processing.
If you need a triptik before the required 8-10 days for processing, you can use the TripTik Travel Planner and create your route by clicking on Triptiks & Maps from the drop down under Travel. You will be able to create a route, with stopovers and even email the route to yourself.
To go directly to Order TripTik Routings, click here.  
You will be asked to login to access this feature.

To go directly to the TripTik Travel Planner, click here.