First, consult the AAA Dollars Terms and Conditions.  For purchases through the Discounts & Rewards, please consider the following:
  • I don’t remember linking to the retailer’s website directly from Discounts & Rewards prior to making my purchase.
  • The item(s) I purchased may be subject to retailer restrictions.
  • The item(s) purchased have not shipped and/or been delivered to my home.
  • I have received notice from the retailer of an out-of-stock cancellation of my order.
  • The merchandise was returned to the retailer.
  • It has been less than 30 days since I made the purchase.
For purchases through AAA Branch Office, please consider the following:
  • The item(s) purchased may be subject to certain restrictions.
  • The merchandise was returned to the AAA Branch.
If any of the above conditions apply, you may not be eligible for earning AAA Dollars. Otherwise, please click here (You will be asked to log in to access this feature.) and complete the form to send your inquiry/dispute to our Member Service Team.