Our promise to our members: If an AAA Mid-Atlantic (“AAA M-A”) member finds a lower price currently being advertised as available for purchase at a local competitor’s retail store, for an identical item of qualifying merchandise currently for sale at one of AAA M-A’s local retail stores, AAA M-A will match that price if:
  1. You must be an active member of AAA M-A in good standing at time of purchase and price match.
  2. The item must be the same brand and item number as the item available at AAA M-A’s local retail store location.
  3. The price must be advertised by the competitor through a hard-copy print channel such as a newspaper or magazine ad or an advertisement sent by direct mail, and must be available at the competitor’s local retail store location. This Price Match Guarantee does not apply to items that are advertised on-line or are only available from competitor through an on-line purchase, and it does not apply to competitor prices available only through on-line purchase. Advertisements, coupons, and other documents that are printed from an original on-line source, such as Groupon, Facebook or other on-line offers, do not qualify as “hard-copy print form” for purposes of this Guarantee.
  4. To be qualifying merchandise of AAA M-A, the item must be currently in stock at AAA M-A and carry an AAA M-A item number beginning with MSP, MTB, LUG, TSP or AUT. You can bring the item and/or the ad into our retail store to check. This offer is not available on movie and attraction tickets, financial products, GPS products, mobile products, travel money, travel, car care repairs and services, insurance, special order items, or any product with an item number that does not begin with the letters listed above.
  5. At the time of, or within 7 days after, your purchase of the item from us, you must bring the ad to the your nearest AAA M-A retail store and present it to an employee of AAA M-A or send a valid electronic copy you make of the hard-copy ad to TPMCoordinators@aaamidatlantic.com. The ad must be current, contain a description of the item and must be for the identical product. The competitor must also have the item available in stock for immediate purchase.
This Price Match Guarantee is limited to two such matches by AAA M-A per person. This Guarantee may be revised or terminated by AAA M-A at any time.

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