If you’ve already created a My Account and see your membership information, you should also see a section for My Insurance.  This section is where you would register your available insurance policies.  You will need to provide the policy number as it appears on your bill. 
Please follow the instructions below to register your home and/or auto policy information online: 
  1. Visit AAA.com and click on Sign In from the top right corner of any page or click on My Account, if already logged in.
  2. Enter your user id and password
  3. Scroll down the “My Account” page to the “My Insurance” section
  4. Select the Home or Auto Insurance button, enter your policy number and select Register Now.
  5. The page will refresh and then scroll down to the “My Insurance” section and you should be able to view your policy information.
Note: if you have more than one policy, you will need to repeat steps 3 & 4.
If the My Insurance section shows a section for “Registered Policies” instead, there may be an issue in our system matching your membership to your insurance products.  Also, if you created a My Account as a guest, there may be an issue matching you in our system.
In those situations, you will need to contact our Members Services at 800.222.6424 so we can ensure your products are properly connected in our systems.