To print cards and/or have them sent to you by mail, please click on Sign In at the top of any page or My Account, if you are already logged in. Once on My Account, please click on Get My AAA Card under I'd Like To: next to the membership card.  You will need to put a checkmark in the box under Print Card(s) and/or Request Card(s) Via Mail next to the person's name that needs their membership card or you can Select All to Print and/or Select All for Mail, if you have more than yourself on your membership. Click the CONTINUE button after you make your selections.
If you chose Print Card(s), you will then see another screen with your AAA membership cards so that you can click on Print to have them print.  If you chose Request Card(s) Via Mail, please allow 10 business days for mail delivery.
To go directly to Get My AAA Card
, click here.
You may also contact the Member Service Center at 800.222.6424 for assistance.