A TripTik® is a personalized routing for your automobile trip. TripTik® Central allows you to place a trip routing order online or by phone and receive an automated TripTik® package, allowing a minimum of five days before pick-up at any of our six AAA offices in Hennepin County. Also for your convenience, the headquarters drive-up window is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. Your personal kit includes:
  • AAA Road Maps: Every AAA Minneapolis travel kit routing includes road maps that cover your entire route. These informative AAA-published national, regional, state and city maps are published exclusively for AAA members.
  • TripTik®: Each TripTik® is personalized to more accurately and efficiently deliver you to your destination. The maps in the TripTik® include current road information, mileage, driving times and points of interest. Maps of metropolitan areas show you precise routings into or around cities. Your TripTik® has simplified, enlarged strip maps, spiral bound for traveling convenience.
  • Tour Books®: The famous AAA TourBooks®, now with more colorful pages, are included with your membership, providing you with all the information you need on historic sites, scenic points of interest, tourist attractions as well as hours and any admission charges. In addition, “AAA Approved” hotel, motel and resort accommodations along the route are described and rated in your TourBook®.