In fairness to all members, roadside assistance is not to be used as a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance. To help control membership dues, AAA has a four-call limit on roadside assistance usage. Each member is eligible for four (4) service calls per membership year. After the fourth call, the member may continue to call AAA for service, but must be prepared to pay the service provider for services rendered. These service limits enable AAA to continue providing reliable, high-quality, cost-effective roadside assistance.
Please note that Primary and Associate Members within the same household have different membership numbers and each is eligible for four calls. The membership number used when requesting services will be the account charged with the service call. Multiple service calls for the same problem will be counted separately on your service record. Consult the member handbook for more details.
There may be instances when the road service date is different than the membership renewal date on your membership card. When there may have been a lapse in membership, the membership renewal date may change and road service date may not. This may impact the total number of roadside assistance calls within a specific timeframe.