You may have several amenities checked. This will restrict the search results down to display only hotels that meet all of these requirements. Try selecting less or no amenities and see if this makes any difference as to the hotels returned.


The selection is also reduced if you choose one or two different Diamond Rating or if you filter by Hotel Name or Chain. Therefore, if you do not get any results or very few results from your search, do not choose any diamond ratings or by Hotel Name or Chain.

Another possibility is that you chose a city that does not have any hotels. Some cities are too small that they would not have any hotels, but the neighboring town may be the one that has the hotels. For example, Keosauqua, IA does not appear in our hotel search; however, Fairfield, IA, which is approx. 20.5 miles from Keosauqua, IA, does have hotels in our reservation system. Therefore, if the city does not appear, enter a neighboring town or a large city close by.


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