If you click on Join AAA in the top right corner and then click on either Surfing the Internet or Other, you will see the cost of the 3 different Membership Plans as well as the cost of the associate. This amount is the annual cost of a AAA membership. There are no additional fees to Joining AAA. (You can also see the cost of each membership plan by clicking on Compare Benefits from the drop down menu under Membership; however, this does not give you the price for an associate, as long as you are not logged in.)


If you are already a AAA member, you will be able to see your annual cost by clicking on Sign In in the top right corner of any page OR by clicking on My Account button in the top right corner of any page, if you are already logged in. Once on the My Account page, please click on View Billing Information under I'd Like To: to view the billing information for your membership. 


If you already have a membership and wish to add a family member, please click on Add a Family Member from the drop down menu under Membership.  You will be prompted to sign in to access this benefit.  You will be able to see the cost for adding an associate today and what it will cost annually after your initial payment under Family Members to Add section.


You can also contact the Member Service Center at 800.222.1333 for pricing information.