If you wish to see gas stations along your route in TripTik Travel Planner, you can do so by clicking on Places at the top left of the TripTik Travel Planner and then click on the gas pump icon.  Gas stations will show as red dots on your map.
Once you have chosen that you want to see gas stations on the map, click on Directions next to Places and enter your to and from destinations, along with any stopovers, and click on Go.
Your route will show as a blue line.  Since you have the gas icon chosen under Places, you will see the red dots along your route.  You will need to zoom in on a specific location along your route to see a list of the gas stations on the left side of your map under Places.  You can zoom in by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the bottom right of the map.  You will need to click on the plus sign (+) until the red dots turn into a little bubble with a gas pump icon in the middle.  When you hover over one of these bubbles, you will see the name of the gas station and what the regular price of gas is at that station.  If you click on the bubble, you will get more options:
  • Route – clicking Route will add it to your route on the left
  • Save – clicking Save will save it to your Saved Places for a later time^
  • More Info –clicking More Info will supply you with the following:
    • station name
    • address
    • phone no.
    • the different grades of gasoline with pricing, if available
    • date of last update, if available
^ When you click on Save, as mentioned above, it will be saved to your Saved Places.  You can access these Saved Places by clicking on Places in the top left of the AAA TripTik Travel Planner.  Once there, place a checkmark next to Show Saved Places and next to Show List.  When you put that checkmark next to Show List, a list will appear on the right side of the screen.  This list will have any hotel, restaurant, campground, gas station, etc., that you have clicked on to save.  Once you remove the checkmark from Show List, the list will slide out of sight.
AAA Mobile App
You can also see gas stations while using the AAA Mobile App by opening the app and then clicking on the gas pump icon below the tow truck icon.  The gas stations will show as blue dots.  At the bottom right, you can click on List View to see the list of gas stations.  You can then click on Map View to go back to the map view.  In the list view, you will get the same information as you would in the AAA TripTik Travel Planner.