If you wish to remove an associate, you may do this during your renewal period by clicking on Renew Membership. Once you get the first page showing your membership information, please click on Renew with Changes. The next screen will show you and your associates and where to remove associates.  At this time, you will see the different total amount since you removed an associate.
If your membership is on automatic renewal, you will need to contact the Member Service Center at 800.342.4254 if you wish to remove an associate from your membership account.
To cancel an associate outside your renewal period, please contact AAA Member Services at 800.342.4254.  
NOTE: if your membership is set up for Automatic Renewal, you will NOT be able to make any changes and/or cancellation to your membership online during the renewal period.  You will need to call AAA Member Services at 800.342.4254.