To enjoy the new release of AAA TripTik, which uses Vector Graphics technology to deliver top-notch mapping and routing, please upgrade to one of the many browser versions that support this capability. Go to the NEW Internet TripTik

Popular options include (but are not limited to) the following:

    * Microsoft IE 6.0 or higher (PC Only)
    * Firefox 1.5 or higher (PC & Mac)
    * Safari 1.3 or higher (Mac Only)

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser
Apple's Safari Web browser (OS X)
Mozilla's Firefox Web Browser

Adobe Acrobat:   Adobe 6.0 or higher is supported, but we recommend that version 7.0 or greater be used for fastest download of print file. To Download Acrobat please click here

Print Output:  To provide members with the most professional looking product available, TripTik Travel Planner’s print output has been greatly enhanced.  Both the booklet version (for in-office use) and the single-sided version (for members at home) are now PDF files, and feature TTP’s enhanced maps and improved layouts.  The new PDF files are typically larger than the previous versions due to the enhanced maps, and we continue to work on ways to decrease the file size without losing the benefit of the new maps.