Progressions Credit Union does have staff members who are licensed with the State of Washington to provide notary services. Notaries cannot simply notarize a will, but can notarize the signatures of the witnesses who are witnessing the will after verifying their identity. In addition:

  • Notaries cannot notarize documents unless they contain a notarial certificate.
  • Notaries cannot notarize documents that are not signed in their presence. 
  • Notaries are not attorneys, so cannot write or create legal documents such as wills, bills of sale, etc. or add notarial certificates to documents.
  • Notaries must verify the identity of all persons whose signature requires a notary and all documents must be signed in the notary's presence.

Notary services are provided free of charge at both Progressions CU locations during regular lobby hours. Please call ahead whenever possible to ensure a notary will be available to help you at the time you come into the credit union.