Your digital vault has a notification system that informs users when certain actions are completed within the application.  Listed below are some reasons why you may not be receiving these notifications:

1.  The email address on file was not confirmed

During the initial login process an Email Address Validation email is sent to users to confirm the entered email address within our system.  There is a Confirm Email link for the user to click that will not only confirm and validate the email but also set the user to receive system notifications.

2.  The Enable Notifications profile setting is set to No

If the Enable Notifications profile setting is set to No then system notifications will not be sent by email or sms, if a phone number has been set and verified.  To see if the Enable Notifications setting is set to No:
  • Click "My Profile" from the left navigation menu
  • Click the Notifications profile option
  • The Enable Notifications radio button will have Yes or No selected
    • If it is set to No and you want to receive notifications click the "Yes" radio button and then click "Update"

If these options have been checked and you are still not receiving notifications please check your Junk folder to make sure the emails are not being directed there and make sure the email domain is not being blocked internally by your organization.

If the problem still persists please contact