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  • 1. Types of Documents that can be Stored Views: 3093 Public
    Personal Documentation Real Estate and Personal Property Financial/Business Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Wills Identity Documents and Passport Diplomas and Transcripts Professional Licenses Separation/Divorce Papers Social Security Card Health and Medical Information Military Records Life Insurance policies Disability Insurance policies Deeds, Titles, Insurance for Home Deeds, Titles, Insurance for other properties Deeds, Titles, Insurance for automobile(s) Receipts for big ticket i  More...
  • 2. Turn Off Notifications Views: 3041 Public
    Your digital vault has a notification system that informs users when certain actions are completed within the application. If you do not want to receive notifications Click My Profile from the left navigation menu or the dropdown menu under your name in the upper right of the dashboard page Click the Notifications profile option Click No Click Update Notifications will not be sent to the email or text to the SMS (if applicable) once updated. notifications email SMS unsubscribe
  • 3. Security, Patents and Privacy Features Views: 2414 Public
    Some of the many security and privacy features of our digital vault include: Configured on dedicated, redundant storage devices in redundant datacenters rather than a traditional cloud-based model The datacenters have SSAE 18 certification, 24 hour monitoring to assure safety and continuous backup in case of power outages or physical disasters Files are protected with AES 256 bit encryption Files are encrypted in transit and at rest using patented technology Supports Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS  More...
  • 4. Create Outgoing File Exchange to a Group Views: 2261 Public
    To create an outgoing file exchange to a group Locate the file you want to exchange Click on the ellipsis menu to the right of the file Click Exchange A Create Exchange dialogue box will appear to create the exchange Enter a brief description in the description text box - This step is optional but will default to show Exchange For: (Item Name) Select the outgoing exchange recipients: Select the organization in the Select Organizations tab by clicking the checkbox to the left of the name Select a  More...
  • 5. Add a New User Views: 2067 Public
    To add a new user Required Role: User Editor Select Users from the left navigation menu Click Add User and a User Profile window will appear to enter the user profile information There are two different ways to add a user - Full Add and Quick Add Full Add The administrator enters a system unique user name, first name, last name, email address, temporary password and confirms the temporary password User Name and Email Address cannot be edited after user creation External Identifier is optional an  More...
  • 6. Create a New Folder Views: 1984 Public
    To create a new folder Click Files on the left navigation menu Navigate to the location where you would like the new folder - the root folder (the initial page after clicking on Files) or under an existing folder location in your Files directory If you initially create the folder in the wrong place you can always move the folder later using the Move Folder option Click the New Folder action icon A Create New Folder dialogue box will appear Enter the name of your new folder in the text box A fo  More...
  • 7. Why did I received an email or text that a document was added to my digital vault? How do I access the document? Views: 1791 Public
    This is an online safe deposit box provided to you from your credit union for you to store all your important electronic documents. This secure storage is inside the CU’s online banking for you to use as you would like. The CU is also putting receipts and documents into your personal strongbox and when they do the platform sends you the email that you received. If you do not have online banking you will need to sign up for that service first. Here is a link to a video that shows how to fin  More...
  • 8. Creating an Exchange with the Provider of the Digital Vault Service Views: 1524 Updated Public
    An Exchange is an internal share of a document or folder of documents in your digital vault to another digital vault. Usually an internal Exchange is with the financial institution that is providing your digital vault. NOTE: not all digital vaults have the internal exchange feature turned on. To create an internal exchange Locate the file or folder you want to exchange with the provider's digital vault Click on the ellipsis menu to the right of the item Click Exchange in the menu A dialogu  More...
  • 9. Add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to my Login Views: 1451 Public
    To add multi-factor authentication to your login (if enabled by your service provider) Click My Profile from the left navigation menu Click Login Security There are 3 multi-factor authentication choices available: Text, Voice, Time-Based Authentication In order for the Text (SMS) or Voice option to be available, your phone number must have a 'Verified' status in the system To update your phone number and have it verified Click the Update Phone Number profile setting Enter your phone numb  More...
  • 10. System Requirements Views: 1260 Public
    The current system requirements are: Internet connectivity Recent HTML5 compliant browser version - The browser needs to fully support HTML5 Edge Firefox Chrome Safari (Mac OS Only) Internet Explorer is not a supported browser Browser JavaScript Enabled Browser must accept third party cookies Adherence to End-User License Agreement system requirements browsers