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  • 1. What is Roadwise Review? Views: 375
    Roadwise Review is a tool that enables older drivers to identify and address physiological changes which could affect driving. This program is a scientifically validated screening tool developed by AAA and noted safety researchers, which helps seniors drive safely longer by letting users screen for their driving health just as they screen for their medical health.
  • 2. Should mature drivers take a driver improvement course? Views: 285
    Driver improvement courses can help mature drivers be even safer drivers. By addressing issues faced by today's mature drivers such as the weakening of eyesight and increased reaction time, safe driving skills can be enhanced, adding additional protection to all occupants. In addition, many states provide for automobile insurance discounts to drivers age 55 or older for completing a driver improvement course.
  • 3. What is taught in AAA's Safe Driving for Mature Operators course? Views: 265
    The purpose of the course is to help drivers understand the risks involved in driving, and how to better manage these risks and the chance of injury damage or loss. Participants will learn how to manage risk when driving by controlling visibility, time and space while being aware of conditions around them in direct relation to the aging process. Specific topics covered include: The aging process and its effect on vision and hearing. The importance of looking 30 seconds ahead in traffic. The impo  More...
  • 4. Where is Roadwise Review available? Views: 259
    To view Roadwise Review Online visit AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety .
  • 5. I don't understand how the tests in the AAA's Safe Driving for Mature Operators course correlate to driving. Views: 256
    It is important to note that Roadwise Review does not measure driving skills, it measures safe driving abilities. Many situations in everyday driving demand good vision, clear thinking, and a degree of physical strength and flexibility, to safely control our vehicles. Scientific research shows that a serious loss in any one of the abilities screened by this program can significantly increase your crash risk. Roadwise Review includes examples of common driving situations where specific impairment  More...
  • 6. Why has AAA created Roadwise Review? Views: 233
    Roadwise Review was created as part of AAA's Lifelong Safe Mobility campaign. By 2030, one in five people will by 65 or older. In response to the changing demographics, AAA launched the Lifelong Safe Mobility campaign to help seniors stay both safe and mobile. Working with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, as well as aging and transportation organizations, AAA promotes solutions such as senior-friendly road design, screening tools, educated for seniors and their families, and supplement  More...
  • 7. Who should a senior contact if they have questions about their ability to drive? Views: 216
    The decision to drive or not to drive for a senior will often involve many people. It may be necessary to discuss the issue with the spouse, other family members, and health care professionals such as a doctor or driver rehabilitation specialists, in order to determine whether it is time to find other forms of transportation. A health care professional, depending on the state, may also refer the case to the state's Medical Advisory Board to determine under which conditions it is safe to driv  More...
  • 8. Will Roadwise Review decrease the number of senior drivers on the road? Views: 169
    AAA opposes the use of chronological age alone as the sole criterion for driver competence. Roadwise Review is designed to inform users of potential problems, but can also instill confidence in those without a reduction in abilities. Roadwise Review provides recommendations to help seniors correct for their losses and continue to drive safely longer.
  • 9. Where could I find a Certified Driver Rehabilitation specialist that could give me a in-person evaluation of my driving? Views: 158
    To find a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist in your area, visit the membership directory on www.aded.net . CDR's are listed by state. You can also visit www.aota.org/olderdriver to learn more about the occupational therapist profession as it relates to older drivers.
  • 10. Where can I find the CD for seniors that tests reaction time? Views: 152
    AAA has developed AAA Roadwise Review: A Tool to Help Seniors Drive Safely Longer . This tool helps older drivers to identify and address physiological changes which could affect driving.