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  • 1. How do I get a replacement membership card? Views: 5389 Featured Content Public
    To request a duplicate membership card, please Click here to log into your account. Click 'Request Duplicate Card' under the picture of the membership card. You can select 'Request Permanent Card'. The card will be sent via the US mail in 7-10 business day. If you are traveling and require immediate assistance, you can also select 'Request Temporary Card' to receive a temporary membership card via email.
  • 2. If I join AAA today and I have car trouble, can I immediately call for Roadside Assistance or is there a waiting period? Views: 22607 Public
    You can use your Roadside Assistance CLASSIC level benefits as soon as your membership payment is processed; however, there is a seven (7) calendar day wait for extended PLUS or PREMIER benefits. A service fee for members wanting to join and use Roadside Assistance the same day may apply. Call 1-800-AAA-HELP, or request Roadside Assistance through the AAA Mobile app , or use AAA.com to request service .
  • 3. I have permanently moved, how do I transfer my membership from another state? Views: 19966 Public
    Rest assured, your current AAA membership is still valid until it expires anywhere in the United States or Canada. Prior to your expiration date, call AAA at 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377) or stop by your local AAA store to transfer your membership.
  • 4. How do I cancel or downgrade my membership? Views: 15506 Public
    For security reasons, we must speak to the Primary member in order to cancel or downgrade a membership. Please call 1-866 MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377) or visit your local AAA store.
  • 5. How do I update my credit card information for my Automatic Membership Renewal payment? Views: 9917 Public
    To update your credit card information for Automatic Membership Renewal, you must be the Primary Member on the membership. To Change Online: Click here to access your account and login. If you do not have an online account, please click here to register On the Profile page click on Manage next to Auto Renew-Manage Click Edit to update you credit card information Click Submit to save changes that you made You can also contact us Contact AAA via telephone at 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-23  More...
  • 6. Can I add my AAA membership card to Apple Pay? Views: 9159 Public
    If you’re on an iOS device and wish to add your AAA Membership card to your Apple Wallet, use the steps below: Make sure you log in to the AAA Mobile app. From the home screen, click the Member icon in the upper-left corner of the home screen. From the Member menu, tap the “View Card” button to open your digital AAA Membership card. From your digital AAA Membership card, tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” button in the bottom-right corner of the card. When the Apple Wall  More...
  • 7. How do I change my address? Views: 8108 Public
    Please log into your AAA.com account and follow the directions below. Please note you must be the PRIMARY member on the AAA account in order to update the address. Click on Membership Tab and select My Account Scroll down to Personal Information tab click EDIT Modify your information and click update Click AAA Membership on the top navigation bar The PRIMARY member can also contact AAA via telephone at 1-866-MEMBERS (1-866-636-2377) or visit one of our AAA Stores to make updates.
  • 8. How many cars are covered by the AAA membership? Views: 5869 Public
    Your AAA Membership covers you rather than your car. That means that YOU are covered for Emergency Road Services in any vehicle you are driving or riding in as long as that type of vehicle is covered. You could be in a friend's car and, if it breaks down, you are covered. Many AAA Members forget that because we cover people, not cars, other family members are not covered when they are driving your car. No need to notify us if you have recently chnaged vehicles, the AAA Membership covers yo  More...
  • 9. Do Associates receive the same AAA Membership benefits as the Primary member? Views: 5458 Public
    Yes, the Primary member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Membership includes Roadside Assistance and all other services and benefits. Associate membership is available to those residing in the same household as the Primary member. Associate members receive the same services and benefits as Primary members, but their annual membership rate is considerably less. Click here to compare membership types . Please see the Member Benefits Guide for Associate Membership requirements  More...
  • 10. Why can't I log into the AAA Mobile App? Views: 5107 Public
    When trying to log in on the AAA Mobile App, please try the following steps: After confirming your zip code, you will be routed to a screen that welcomes you to AAA.com. On this screen, there are two buttons – “PLEASE LOGIN” and “REGISTER.” If you already have an active AAA.com account (on the website), select “PLEASE LOGIN.” On the next screen, you may enter your AAA.com username and password (email address and password), which will grant you access t  More...