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  • 1. How do I save an online TripTik®? Views: 4326 Public
    Save a trip in the online TripTik® Travel Planner Log into your AAA account by selecting Your Account in the top right corner and then “Sign In”. After logging in, create a route, then select “START TRIP” to run the route.. In the trip details section that appears below the input fields, select “Save” (the heart icon). Enter a name for your trip in the “Save a Trip” pop-up window. TIP: Choose a meaningful title so it’s easy to find late  More...
  • 2. Can I get a passport at AAA? Views: 4092 Public
    While AAA does not process passport applications, but we can provide you with the resources to make the process easier. AAA members also receive a discount on passport photos in the AAA Travel Store. No appointment is necessary. Find more information on passport applications, renewal, and passport photos . Only the U.S. Department of State has the authority to grant, issue, or verify United States passports at Passport Acceptance Facilities or by mail .
  • 3. What is a TripTik®? Views: 2736 Public
    A TripTik ® is a personalized routing for your automobile trip. TripTik ® Central allows you to place a trip routing order online or by phone and receive an automated TripTik ® package, allowing a minimum of five days before pick-up at any of our six AAA offices in Hennepin County. Also for your convenience, the headquarters drive-up window is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. Your personal kit includes: AAA Road Maps: Every AAA Minneapolis travel kit ro  More...
  • 4. How do I view my saved TripTiks®? Views: 1942 Public
    Find Saved Trips in the TripTik® Travel Planner Visit the online TripTik® Travel Planner at TripTik.AAA.com If using a mobile device: select the circular map icon to open the map area Select the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines near the search field) Select Saved Trips Saved Places (near the top of the page) You will need to log in to view your saved trips and places.
  • 5. Can I book my car rental online through AAA using my AAA discount? Are there any other benefits for members? Views: 1601 Public
    Yes, you can book a car rental online with your AAA discount . AAA recommends booking a car rental as much in advance as possible for best pricing and availability. AAA’s car rental partners - Hertz®, Dollar®, and Thrifty® - offer AAA member discounts plus special benefits such as waived additional driver fees and free child safety seat. AAA Members and non-members alike should sign up for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards ; this free program allows renters to skip the line and save time  More...
  • 6. How do I order maps, TripTik® and Tourbook® Guides? Views: 1234 Public
    Visit our Road Trip Planning page to order maps, TripTiks® and other travel materials. Orders for paper TripTiks should be placed at least six business days prior to your departure . Materials may be picked up at any of our six locations during regular business hours. Short on time? Visit our St. Louis Park Headquarters office to meet with a travel advisor who will assist you on the spot. Online TripTik Travel Planner Be sure to browse to AAA's Online TripTik Travel Planner, which lets y  More...
  • 7. Can I get an International Driving Permit (IDP) at a AAA office? Views: 1223 Public
    An International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is a valid form of identification in 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo, and driver information. It translates your identification information into 10 languages — so it speaks the language even if you don't. Most countries highly recommend an International Driving Permit, and they are required by Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia,   More...
  • 8. Can I use my AAA membership for a discount on airline tickets? Views: 1215 Public
    AAA doesn’t offer discounts on airline tickets, but sometimes adding a car rental or a hotel stay to flight purchase can be a better value than booking them separately. You can book your airline tickets online or contact us for assistance making those travel arrangements .
  • 9. How do I access the AAA Digital TourBooks if I’m on the road and don’t have internet connection? Views: 1182 Public
    If you think internet connection will be an issue while you’re on the road, we recommend downloading the AAA Digital TourBooks you’ll need in advance of your trip. That way you’ll have access to the books even if you lose internet connection.
  • 10. Can I request a print AAA TourBook? Views: 955 Public
    TourBooks have gone digital! Find all the AAA Digital TourBooks at TourBook.AAA.com .
  • 11. Can I use the TripTik Travel Planner on my iPad without the AAA Mobile App? Views: 910 Public
    While the AAA Mobile App is not supported for iPad, you can use your iPad's Internet Browser (typically Safari or Google Chrome) to access the TripTik Travel Planner online at TripTik.AAA.com . When you log in to your online account, you can access and save your trips.
  • 12. What is a AAA Digital TourBook? Views: 850 Public
    AAA Digital TourBooks is an online travel guide. This online guide has the same trusted information as the printed TourBooks, which have been used for generations, but is now in a digital, convenient, and easy-to-use format. This online travel guide contains travel information such as features hotels, restaurants, things to do, events, nightlife, shopping, recreation, sports, arts, family and kid travel, and must-see places.
  • 13. What is the Online TripTik® Travel Planner? Views: 829 Public
    The Online TripTik Travel Planner ® is a “do-it-yourself” version of AAA’s standard TripTik ® . You receive driving directions to and from addresses, cities, airports and attractions. Enjoy detailed maps and narrative directions plus construction and scenic highway information shown right on your route. Perfect for the Internet savvy AAA member or if a TripTik ® is needed right away.
  • 14. Does AAA membership include trip interruption protection? Views: 797 Public
    Yes, AAA membership includes trip interruption protection benefits. For full details, please see the Automotive Benefits and Services section of the AAA Member Handbook .
  • 15. Can I download the AAA Digital TourBooks onto a Kindle or Nook device? Views: 774 Public
    If your Kindle or Nook device is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to view the AAA Digital TourBooks, but you cannot download the digital books to these devices at this time.
  • 16. Which internet browser is best for viewing the AAA Digital TourBooks? Views: 629 Public
    Chrome is the preferred internet browser for the AAA Digital TourBooks.
  • 17. How do I apply for TSA PreCheck? Views: 612 Public
    With a 5-year, $85 membership through TSA PreCheck, you can speed through security and don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, or light jackets. To apply for TSA PreCheck, you will need to fill out a short online application and then schedule an in-person appointment at an enrollment center. Twin Cities TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center Locations Brooklyn Center Bloomington Terminal 1 of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (located past the security checkpoint). T  More...
  • 18. Does it cost anything to meet with a AAA Travel Advisor? Views: 481 Public
    It does not cost anything to meet with a AAA Travel Advisor!
  • 19. Is an appointment required to meet with a travel advisor, or do you accept walk-ins? Views: 443 Public
    An appointment is not required to meet with a AAA Travel Advisor. Our travel advisors welcome appointments, because they can assure you the time and ask questions in advance to be prepared with ideas for your meeting. We do welcome walk-ins at all of our offices!
  • 20. How much does a TripTik® cost? Views: 424 Public
    TripTiks ® are available as a member-only benefit and are free.
  • 21. Do AAA members get discounts on theme park and movie tickets? Views: 415 Public
    Save on tickets to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal. Learn more about the tickets we offer at our Box Office . Discounts for more theme parks are available through AAA Discounts Rewards .
  • 22. How do I make an appointment with a travel advisor? What are their hours? Views: 369 Public
    You can book an appointment with any of our travel advisors by contacting a specific advisor, or by contacting AAA Travel online or by phone. Book an Appointment Online Travel advisor hours vary by individual and location. To meet with a specific advisor, you may contact them to set up an appointment. Travel Advisor Contact Information Contact AAA Travel By phone: 952-927-2525 AAA Minneapolis Office Locations Hours
  • 23. Can I print pages within a AAA Digital TourBook? Views: 284 Public
    Yes, all pages are printable using your browser or PDF viewer software. We recommend you download the AAA Digital TourBook first prior to printing.
  • 24. Can anyone get a TripTik®? Views: 275 Public
    TripTiks ® are available to AAA Members only. If you are not a AAA member, learn how a AAA membership will benefit you.
  • 25. Can I purchase traveler's checks at AAA? Views: 244 Public
    AAA no longer issues traveler's checks.