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  • 1. How can I get a copy of my insurance card or policy information? Can I download and print my insurance card? Views: 6461 Public
    AAA Minneapolis Insurance Agency Our agency provides insurance coverage from many insurance partner providers. Availability of online services vary by insurer, and are maintained separately from your AAA Minneapolis online account and membership. To see if your insurer offers downloadable insurance cards, or to request a copy of your insurance card or policy details, find your insurer on the Manage My Insurance page or Contact Us with any questions. AAA Insurance Through Independent Agents/Age  More...
  • 2. Why can't I log in to the AAA Mobile App? Views: 4064 Public
    Username and Password Help To log in to the AAA Mobile App, you will need to have a AAA Online Account . If you don't have one, you can create one online with your email address and membership number. You will use the same username and email address for both your Online Account and the AAA Mobile App. If you have forgotten your password, visit the Online Account page and click the Forgot Your Password? link to reset your password. ZIP Code Help The AAA Mobile App will ask for your ZIP code  More...
  • 3. Why can't I log in to AAA.com? Views: 3573 Public
    Online Account Login Help Be sure you are on the correct AAA website: visit AAA.com/Stop and enter the zip code associated with your membership. Reset your password: go to the Online Account Page and click on the Forgot your password? link. Create an online account: you may receive emails from us even if you don't have an online account set up. If your email address is not recognized when resetting your password, create a new online account . If you are unable to access your account after   More...
  • 4. Why are there different hours specifically for license and vehicle services? Views: 2668 Public
    For your convenience, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for your visit to the AAA License Bureau (DMV), however, we do accept walk-in customers on a first-come, first-served basis. If capacity is reached on a given day for walk-in transactions, customers will be informed upon entering the building in St. Louis Park.
  • 5. How can I save $5 off my membership with automatic renewal? Views: 2207 Public
    Automatic renewal is a great option to prevent a lapse in AAA membership services. To enroll in automatic membership renewal, log in to your AAA.com account to opt in and enter your payment information. Your membership will have a one-time discount of $5 the first year you enroll in automatic renewal. Your card will be charged 30 days before your renewal date to prevent a lapse in coverage in the event the card information expires before your renewal. You will receive a statement showing a $0 b  More...
  • 6. Can I take the driver knowledge/permit test at AAA? Views: 1893 Public
    No, AAA Minneapolis does not administer knowledge or driving tests. Schedule a Knowledge Exam or Road Test To schedule a knowledge test or road test, visit the MN DVS site .
  • 7. Can I renew my MN driver's license or ID card online? Views: 1757 Public
    As of July 1, 2021, online renewals for standard Minnesota driver's licenses and IDs are no longer available. You will need to renew your driver's license or ID card in person at a deputy registrar's office/DMV.
  • 8. How do I enroll in e-billing for my AAA membership? Views: 1591 Public
    Log in to your Online Account and toggle the option for e-Billing to receive your membership renewal statements by email. By enrolling in paperless/electronic billing ( ebilling or e-billing ) you accept that AAA Minneapolis will update your email preferences to subscribe your email address into e-bill related communications. If you choose to unsubscribe from all emails at any time you will no longer receive membership renewal bills.
  • 9. Can I take teen driver education class online? Views: 1504 Public
    DPS-DVS approved a variance allowing Minnesota driver education programs to provide driver education via teleconference or other methods of video distance learning in a live setting to their students through 12/31/2021. For more information, see AAA Minneapolis Driving School COVID-19 Information .
  • 10. Can I make an appointment at the AAA License Services Center? Views: 1454 Public
    Yes! The AAA License Bureau (DMV) in St. Louis Park MN does offer appointments. To book an appointment, visit AAA.com/Appointments .
  • 11. How many tows do I get with my AAA membership? Views: 22509 Public
    Your towing benefits are counted as Roadside Assistance calls. At the Basic and Plus level memberships, each member (Primary or Associate) in your household is allowed four (4) Roadside Assistance calls per membership year. At the Premier level, each member in the household is allowed five (5) service calls per membership year. What if I've already used all of my service calls? You can still call AAA for service, but you will be required to pay the service provider directly.
  • 12. Does my AAA membership cover me anywhere in the United States? Views: 19498 Public
    As a AAA member, you are eligible to receive service anywhere in the United States and Canada. If you are unable to obtain service from AAA in a covered area, you may obtain service from another provider and apply for Roadside Assistance Reimbursement from AAA.
  • 13. What are the accepted documents for a REAL ID card? Views: 15621 Public
    Quick List: Most Common Accepted Documents for REAL ID Providing all four of these documents is the most common when applying for Real ID: Unexpired Passport or Birth Certificate* Social Security Card* Unexpired MN Driver's License/ID (must have current address) Bank/Credit Card Statement issued in the last 12 months If these documents don't work for you, see the full list of acceptable documents . *Names on documents must match current name, or proof of name change must be provided. Not  More...
  • 14. Is there a service tracker I can use to check the status of my service call? Views: 10817 Public
    You may call to check on the status of a service request: Nationwide: 800-AAA-HELP Minneapolis: 952-927-2727 AAA is not able to provide updates or tracking for individual service requests online. If you placed your Roadside Assistance request online or through the AAA Mobile App, you will be given an estimated service time, however service times may vary due to a variety of conditions.
  • 15. Can I upgrade my membership and use the new benefits right away, or is there a waiting period? Views: 10380 Public
    Members can upgrade their present level of service to AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier or AAA Premier RV anytime during their membership year. There is a three (3) day waiting period , after payment has been processed, before you can take advantage of your upgraded membership benefits. If you need to use your upgraded benefits within the first three days after upgrading, a service fee will apply. Members who have used four (4) service calls in the membership year are not eligible to upgrade   More...
  • 16. Does my AAA membership cover me if I locked my keys in the car or lost my keys? Views: 8349 Public
    Auto Lock Key Service If your key is locked inside the vehicle, lost or broken; locksmith service is covered up to the limit of benefit, which is determined by your membership plan: Basic membership: up to $75 Plus membership: up to $125* Premier membership: up to $200* Home Lockout Service Home lockout service is provided to members with Premier coverage plans only, up to $200. *Financial limits and coverages are for service within AAA Minneapolis service territory and will be handled by reim  More...
  • 17. How do I find an Active&Fit Direct participating fitness center near me? Views: 8330 Public
    Please note: these instructions apply only to AAA members signing up for Active Fit Direct through AAA Discounts Rewards. Check with your Active Fit Direct provider organization for instructions to find participating gyms near you. Not a AAA member? See all the benefits of membership ! AAA Members: It's easy to search for participating gyms near you, and you don't need to sign up to view participating gyms! Visit the Active Fit Direct deal page on AAA Discounts Rewards If you aren  More...
  • 18. What is the difference between Basic, Plus and Premier memberships? Views: 8150 Public
    The biggest difference is in the towing Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit. For more detailed information, see membership terms conditions or compare membership plans side-by-side. Basic Membership Provides 4 service calls per membership year. Free towing from the scene of your disablement of up to 5 miles in any direction, per service call. Mileage charges may apply after the first 5 miles. Plus Membership Provides 4 service calls per membership year. Free towing from the scene of your   More...
  • 19. Can I join AAA today and immediately request emergency roadside assistance, or is there a waiting period? Views: 6493 Public
    There is a three (3) day waiting period , after payment has been processed, before you can take advantage of your free AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance. This applies for all new and newly reinstated members and Associate members, as well as for members who upgrade from a lower level of service to a higher level of service. Should anyone on your membership account require AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance during the three-day waiting period, there will be a service fee that must be paid prior to  More...
  • 20. I forgot my AAA.com password. How do I reset my password? Views: 5312 Public
    Reset your AAA.com Online Account Password To reset your password, go to the Online Account Page and click on the Forgot your password? link. You will receive a one-time, automated email with a link to reset your password.
  • 21. What is included in my five miles of free towing? Views: 4580 Public
    AAA will travel any distance to get to a stranded member. Once there, AAA's Basic membership provides free towing back to the contractor's facility, or 5 miles of free towing in any direction from the disablement. That's sufficient to get you to a repair facility in over 90% of cases. If you wish to be towed to your favorite mechanic - and the shop is located more than 5 miles from the breakdown - mileage charges may apply. Learn more about Emergency Roadside Assistance . AAA's P  More...
  • 22. I got a new car. Do I need to update my AAA membership to change vehicle information? Views: 4542 Public
    Your AAA membership covers you , regardless of what car you are in. You can receive Emergency Roadside Assistance in any vehicle you are driving or riding in as long as that type of vehicle is covered. For example, if you are riding in a friend's car and it breaks down, you are covered. Because we cover people, not cars , other family members are not covered when they are driving your car. If they aren't members of AAA, they can't get any service even in a member's vehicle. Make  More...
  • 23. What is a "club code"? Views: 4368 Public
    AAA is a nationwide federation of automobile clubs, and each club has a unique club code. Club codes are indicated on membership cards. The club code for AAA Minneapolis is 057.
  • 24. What forms of payment do you accept for License & Vehicle Registration Services? Views: 3202 Public
    In addition to cash, AAA Minneapolis accepts the following methods of payment: Check Only local checks are accepted Personal checks must be presented by the account holder; we do not accept blank or starter checks A current government-issued photo ID must be presented by the account holder All returned checks will be subject to a $30.00 service fee Personal checks must be made payable to AAA for the exact amount Cashiers Check/Money Order Your Cashier’s Check or Money Order must be issued   More...
  • 25. How do I manage my membership online? Views: 2905 Public
    To access to your membership information online, add your AAA Minneapolis membership number to your online account. Sign in to aaa.com Click on My Account in the upper-right corner to log in If you have already added your membership number, you will see your current membership information. If you haven't added your membership number, you will see the following message: Please enter your AAA membership number. Click on Enter your 16-digit membership number On the following page, under   More...