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  • 1. How can I report an issue with the AAA App? Views: 77 Public
    If you find AAA Mobile not operating optimally, use the Send AAA Feedback button in the app to request assistance or email our apps team directly at apps_feedback@national.aaa.com . If there are online features you are unable to use on the mobile app, you can go directly to our website calstate.aaa.com using a browser on your phone.
  • 2. Why can’t I log onto the AAA Mobile app? Views: 63 Public
    If you experience difficulty logging into the AAA Mobile App, please try the following steps: After confirming your zip code, you will be routed to a screen that welcomes you to AAA.com. On this screen, there are two buttons – “PLEASE LOGIN” and “REGISTER.” If you already have an active AAA.com account (on the website), please select “PLEASE LOGIN.” On the next screen, you may enter your AAA.com username and password (email address and password), which  More...
  • 3. Can I use my AAA Mobile app or the Passbook or Wallet apps on my phone as proof of Membership? Views: 50 Public
    Yes. When receiving roadside assistance, you can show your AAA Membership card on the AAA Mobile app or Passbook or Wallet apps, as long as you have another valid form of identification.
  • 4. How do I register my Membership in the AAA Mobile App? Views: 49 Public
    To register in the AAA Mobile app, please follow the steps below. Once you have completed the registration, you will have access to your digital Membership card. Enter your home zip code upon first opening the app On the next screen, you can register by using the email and password associated with your AAA.com login f you have not previously created a AAA.com login, you can also do so from the AAA Mobile app Once registered, you should now have the small Membership card icon in the upper right c  More...
  • 5. How do I find gas stations in the AAA mobile app? Views: 32 Public
    - Load app - Scroll to the bottom of the page - See gas nearby section - Click on one of the gas stations
  • 6. Why should I use the AAA Mobile App? Views: 31 Public
    Let AAA help you outsmart life. The new AAA app provides easy access to towing services, local gas prices, discounts, etc. You are also able to manage your AAA Membership and Insurance account information. Keep AAA at your fingertips wherever you are. To download the AAA Mobile App, visit AAA.com/mobile .
  • 7. How can I customize the discounts that are shown in the AAA Mobile App? Views: 22 Public
    Sign into the app. On the home screen, next to the heading Discounts nearby , you will see text that says Customize . Click on this text. On the following screen you will be able to choose the categories that you want to see.